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If I represent you, I want you to know who I am, how I think and what I believe.

After two decades representing clients in criminal and higher education student disciplinary hearings, I have a genuine empathy for young people with their lives ahead of them, but facing uncertain futures because of an accusation being made against them.

When a student is accused of a school disciplinary violation it can be an overwhelming experience. Lives that had been on-track now look less certain. Everything these individuals had worked for and accomplished was on the verge of being lost and devalued. For these young people, their futures were now totally up in the air.   What would that mean to their hopes for graduate school?  How would it change their employment options?

It is possible that one mistake, one error in judgment or one false accusation could have ramifications that will live on forever.

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All My Experiences Have Led to Me Helping You

Admittedly, my first “brush” with the law happened long before I became a defense attorney. During my freshman year at college, I was falsely accused of arson. After a four-hour police interrogation I was not criminally charged, but when I got back to campus I was charged (along with my 4 roommates) with violating the school’s code of conduct and I had to vacate the campus until my hearing which would take place three days later.

Those three days felt like an eternity. What was going to happen to me? Would I be thrown out of school? Would I be thrown off campus? I tried to speak to someone from the school, but no one was really able to give me any answers or guidance.

Luckily it all worked out, but after experiencing the helplessness and terror of being accused of a crime, and then feeling that my college was going to pull my future right out from under me, I also became more curious about the law in general – so interned for a criminal defense attorney, which inspired me to go to law school. I then started my career as a prosecutor in Nassau County. Then in 1998 I started my own criminal defense practice.

I wanted to truly help people when they were in trouble. I wanted to stand by clients and put forward the best possible case for them. I wanted to understand the situation from their point of view. I wanted to be able to guide them through a potentially confusing and intimidating process.


You’re thinking about the lifelong repercussions. You’re worried about how your family will deal with it. You’re terrified about the unknown future that lies ahead.

Here’s what I promise you:

  • I’ll get you the BEST possible outcome
  • I’ll always be 100% honest with you
  • I’ll guide you through the entire process
  • You can speak to me at any time about your fears or concerns

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