Nassau County Larceny Charge

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A few years ago I represented a client who tried to raffle off his house after realizing he could no longer afford to own it. He’d only sold about 10% of the tickets when he decided to call off the raffle – and he was in the process of returning the money when he was contacted by the DA’s office, who said he was under investigation for running an illegal lottery. They didn’t believe him when he insisted he’d since canceled the raffle and was handing the money back.

The DA went on to obtain copies of my client’s bank records, which showed how he’d recently traveled to Miami and Las Vegas. Assuming he’d used the raffle money to pay for an extravagant lifestyle, they arrested him for Grand Larceny.

I was able to show that my client was a record producer who’d traveled to these places and incurred similar expenses for the past four or so years. What’s more, I proved that he really was in the process of returning the money – and that he’d never used it (or intended to use it) to fund any sort of lifestyle. What began as a felony case (with lots of media attention) ended as a non-criminal offense and no criminal record.

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