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By Scott Limmer

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Upstate County Criminalizes Behavior to “Annoy” the Police

Being annoying won’t do much to advance your popularity or social life, but in one upstate county, New Yorkers might go to jail for being annoying — if a person they’re annoying is working for the police force or other public safety organization. Jailtime for Individuals Who Annoy Police Officers? In Monroe County, which includes […]


Body Searches of High Schoolers Bring Indictments for Sheriff, Deputies

Warrantless Body Searches Leave Teens Traumatized A warrantless drug search of all 900 students at a southern Georgia high school has brought a multi-million-dollar court settlement to be paid to the students, and a grand jury indictment for the county sheriff and two deputies. Early one mid-April morning, the students and staff of Worth County […]


Criminal Charges Can Have Extra Consequences for Non-Citizens

Facing criminal charges can pose serious problems for anyone: jail, fines, probation, employment difficulties. But criminal charges mean additional problems for one group: those who are not U.S. citizens. While this area of the law is quite complicated, in addition to the ordinary penalties, a criminal conviction in many instances can bring serious consequences for […]

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