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Academics, Defense Lawyers Find Fault with NYC Gang Database

UPDATE: A New York City Council bill that will require the NYPD to notify minors who are suspected to be gang members and tagged to be included in the NYPD Gang Database was re-introduced for another round of hearings last July 23, 2019. The proposed legislation will allow minors an opportunity to contest said designation […]


New York Gangs Diversify into Credit Card Fraud, Related Crimes

When I first started practicing criminal defense law, using violence might have been enough to qualify someone for membership in most criminal gangs. But these days, many gangs have discovered more sophisticated tools can have as much a place as mere raw mayhem in their plans. One prominent case in point: credit card fraud. It’s […]

New York Supreme Court

You Don’t Have to Be a Gang Member to Be Charged with “Gang Assault”

What is meant by “Gang Assault” in New York State? Sometimes, a legal term means exactly what you think it does. In other cases, not so much. So you may very well be surprised to learn that in New York, you can be charged for either of two felonies known as “gang assault,” even if […]

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