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Here’s How a Grand Jury Works

How a Grand Jury Works in New York State “The People’s Panel” The institution of the grand jury has a significant place in the criminal justice system. Sometimes known as the “people’s panel,” the grand jury is empowered to determine whether there is probable cause to indict individuals on serious criminal charges. Both the constitution […]


Your Right to Remain Silent: How, When and Why You Should Always Use It

“I am invoking my fifth amendment right to remain silent.” We have all seen suspects on police and legal procedurals assert these rights. And we all assume the same thing. The bad guy doesn’t want to incriminate himself. From this, many people have jumped to the common but erroneous conclusion that anyone who asserts the […]


When Is A Youth Still A Youth Under Criminal Law?

The case of defendant Franklin Reyes is typical of what can happen when a young man or woman in the transition from immature adolescence to adulthood faces a prosecution system that seeks to impose severe penalties. Every defendant in Nassau County, Suffolk County or Queens County deserves to be represented by an experienced criminal defense […]


Cell Phone Violations Now Bring Five Points on a New York Driver’s License

The Empire State was the first in the nation to make behind-the-wheel use of a cell phone without a hands-free device a traffic infraction. Since 2001, it has been illegal for drivers in New York State to use hand-held cell phones while on the road. But for a very long time, the only enforcement tools […]

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