Month: December 2017

By Scott Limmer

An attorneys blog about criminal law and procedure, college discipline, Title IX and cases of Interest

criminal law reform

Grand Juries

Although many cases involve a grand jury, they are far less publicized and less well known than their trial jury counterparts.  As a result, grand juries and their proceedings are commonly misunderstood.  Most people only encounter grand juries if they must serve on one or if they are a witness who will testify before one.  […]


Body Searches of High Schoolers Bring Indictments for Sheriff, Deputies

Warrantless Body Searches Leave Teens Traumatized A warrantless drug search of all 900 students at a southern Georgia high school has brought a multi-million-dollar court settlement to be paid to the students, and a grand jury indictment for the county sheriff and two deputies. Early one mid-April morning, the students and staff of Worth County […]

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