Scott J. Limmer, criminal lawyer in Nassau County
Long Island criminal lawyer with clients
Long Island criminal lawyer with a client
Long Island criminal lawyer Scott J. Limmer with a client
Scott J. Limmer, criminal lawyer in Nassau County
Long Island criminal lawyer with clients
Long Island criminal lawyer with a client
Long Island criminal lawyer Scott J. Limmer with a client
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What’s your situation?

“I’ve been contacted by the police”

I’ll contact the detective, get their perspective on everything, then help you prepare for the next steps.

“I’ve been arrested by the police”

Let’s discuss your situation together, then I’ll run you through your options and possible outcomes.

“My friend or family member is in trouble”

My first task will be to stop any police questioning. Then you’ll tell me what you know, and we’ll take it from there.

Scott J. Limmer
Long Island Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being under investigation or arrested is a very serious matter. The stress and uncertainty of the situation is probably leaving you scared and not sure what to do. But your next step is crucially important.

The only truly effective way to protect yourself or your family member is to have the advice and assistance of a thoroughly experienced criminal defense lawyer.

The stakes are too large: your employment prospects, reputation – even your freedom.

Long Island Criminal Lawyer Scott J. Limmer

“I’m Scott J. Limmer, a Long Island criminal defense lawyer and former Nassau County prosecutor with over 20 years’ experience successfully defending countless clients in state and federal prosecutions.

As your guide and advocate, I will personally handle every step in the process with care and expertise, from finding and questioning witnesses, gathering evidence, and exploring every possible defense, to preparing and filing court pleadings, and zealously representing you in all hearings or proceedings.”

Here’s What Real Clients are Saying About Scott Limmer, a Long Island Criminal Lawyer

“Scott Limmer is a man of his word and an attorney with integrity above reproach. When one needs a criminal attorney it is usually the most harrowing time of your life. Scott Limmer makes a horrible situation easier. He speaks in layman’s terms and explains your situation every step of the way. He keeps the costs to a minimum and delivers beyond expectations. I would recommend choosing Scott Limmer as your attorney hands down.”

A.O.Arrested for Suffolk County Felony

“I was arrested for a felony. Mr. Limmer would not agree to any of the offered plea bargains. He was able to get the case dismissed. I can’t thank him enough for his hard work and professionalism.”

D.D.Arrested for Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree in Nassau

“I can’t thank Scott enough for helping me. I had never been arrested before and found myself in the middle of a nightmare. I was arrested for and charged with criminal Mischief in the Third degree which is a class E Felony. Scott was first able to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor. He was then able to see that the case was completely dismissed.”

T.T.Charged with Felony Assault and Criminal Mischief in Queens County

“Scott helped me thru a very difficult 20 months of navigating thru the Nassau county legal system. His advice was on the money from the start to the end. Amicable, tenacious and knowledgeable, just some of the words to describe him…In the end I credit his guidance in helping me get the just court decision…But then again he knew the outcome….thanks Scott…”

T.C.Arrested for Assault in the Third Degree in Nassau County
Long Island criminal lawyer Scott J. Limmer

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Long Island criminal lawyer Scott J. Limmer

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