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I’ve been in your shoes. As a college student, I was falsely accused of arson. My own experiences of interrogation, persecution, confusion, and terror didn’t end in a criminal charge, but they did lead me to a lifelong legal career helping individuals who are in trouble. I’ve worked as a prosecutor and now as a defense attorney for decades, so I understand both sides of the courtroom inside and out. Regardless of your actions, I believe everyone deserves a vigorous defense. I’m committed to listening to you, telling you the truth, and defending you every step of the way.

Scott J. Limmer

As Your Lawyer,
I Promise to

Listen to You.

I will listen as you explain what happened, as well as any background information that is relevant to the incident. I will learn about you and the facts of the case so I can use it to your advantage in seeking the best outcome.

Explain the Legal Process and Possible Outcomes.

No legal jargon or confusing legalese here - I will clearly explain the path your case will most likely take so you have an understanding of the situation, from the first conversation to the last. I will keep you informed and let you know how any new information we receive will affect your case.

Advocate on Your Behalf.

My goal is to help you move on with your life as quickly as possible. I will present evidence to the prosecutor, judge, and if needed, jury, to explain why the case may not be proven against you while simultaneously providing information about your life and character.

Success Stories

Felony Assault Case in Suffolk County
My client was a bouncer who’d been accused of assaulting a patron and breaking bones in his face – a serious felony. My client was adamant he didn’t do any harm: the patron was drunk, so he was made to leave the bar – and his face was intact when he did so. End of […]

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Felony Assault in Queens County
After my client finished filling his car with gas, he went inside the station to pay while his wife stayed in the passenger seat of the vehicle. As she was waiting, two men approached and asked her to move the car because they wanted to use the pump. She told them that her husband would […]

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Nassau County Burglary
Not long ago I represented a 26-year-old maintenance worker who made a good living and provided financial support to two children. He’d never been in any sort of trouble before, but one night he and two friends (who’d both been arrested multiple times before) decided to break into a deli. They set off an alarm, […]

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Queens County Grand Larceny
A worried father called me one day to say he’d just received a call from a police detective, who informed him that his son needed to go to the precinct. He asked the police if he needed a lawyer, but they told him it “was unnecessary” and “would just confuse things.” When he asked why […]

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Nassau Domestic Violence Case
After my client was charged with violently threatening his stepdaughter, he called upon me to help prove his innocence. When you hear her side of the story – that they had an argument and he picked up a knife to her – he comes across as a horrible person who many would think deserves to […]

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Nassau County Larceny Charge
A few years ago I represented a client who tried to raffle off his house after realizing he could no longer afford to own it. He’d only sold about 10% of the tickets when he decided to call off the raffle – and he was in the process of returning the money when he was […]

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What My Clients Are Saying

Our son was falsely accused of Title IX violations at college. His future was at stake. We knew we needed to hire the right lawyer to defend him. We hired Scott and not only did he defend and advise him, but we won the case and all charges were dropped! The cost of hiring him was an excellent investment. Scott was honest, professional, extremely knowledgeable and the right man for the job. He made my son comfortable throughout the terrifying experience. Highly recommend him.

Why Scott?

Professional Experience Inside & Outside the Courtroom

Experienced Lawyer

I have been a criminal and college discipline defense attorney for over 24 years, after beginning my career prosecuting criminal cases as an Assistant District Attorney.

Professional Educator

I am an adjunct professor at Hofstra University School of Law. I teach continuing education courses for social workers and mental health professionals.

Author & Speaker

In addition to writing my book Keeping Our Kids Safe and Out of Trouble, I also speak regularly to professional, community, and parent organizations and co-host a podcast for lawyers.

A Defense Lawyer’s Advice for Parents: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Kids Out of Trouble

Check out my book where I describe the potential consequences of risky situations before they happen so you can make smart decisions in the moment. Learn the facts about a wide range of scenarios that teens face, including fake IDs, plagiarizing, police arrests, DWI, hazing, underage drinking, social media behavior, and other issues teens may encounter.