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As your guide and advocate, I will personally handle every step of your representation with care and expertise. From learning everything I can from you to finding and questioning witnesses and gathering evidence. I will zealously represent you in all proceedings with the ultimate goal of securing the best possible outcome.

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  • Someone to explain the process and possibilities

    I have been a criminal defense attorney for over 23 years and before that a prosecutor for 3+ years. Whatever your situation, I will explain the path the case will most likely take including all potential possibilities so you have a complete understanding of the situation. And as we move forward, receive discovery and find out more about the case against you, I will keep you informed and let you know how this new information affects your case.

  • Someone Who Will Listen To You

    If you have been arrested you are most likely a bit scared and concerned. It is likely the police either didn’t want to hear your side of the story or they took a very limited statement. When we speak you will have the opportunity to explain what happened as well as any background information that is relevant to the incident. I want to learn about you and the facts of the case so I can use it to your advantage in seeking the best outcome.

  • Someone to advocate on your behalf

    If you hire me, my goal is to help you move on with your life as quickly as possible with the best possible outcome. I do that by advocating for you with the prosecutor and the judge throughout the course of the representation. I present evidence to explain why the case may not be proven against you while also providing information about your life and character. And if need be, I argue to a jury why the prosecutor cannot prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

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What Previous Clients are saying

Scott Limmer is a man of his word and an attorney with integrity above reproach. When one needs a criminal attorney it is usually the most harrowing time of your life. Scott Limmer makes a horrible situation easier. He speaks in layman’s terms and explains your situation every step of the way. He keeps the costs to a minimum and delivers beyond expectations. I would recommend choosing Scott Limmer as your attorney hands down.

A.O. Arrested for Suffolk County Felony

Educating Others About the Criminal and College Discipline Systems

Scott Limmer Speaking

Instructing Lawyers about Criminal Defense

Scott has taught numerous continuing education classes for lawyers. Most recently, teaching attorneys the practical knowledge needed to represent a client in a criminal defense case

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What a Criminal Defense Attorney Tells his Children About.....

Blogging To Give Information To Parents

Scott writes a blog that explains to parents issues he sees children come into contact with such as fake id’s, social host law, plagiarism and technology.

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The Role of the Mental Health Professional in the Criminal, High School and College Discipline Process

Teaching Mental Health Professionals About Criminal Law

Scott gives continuing education classes for Mental Health Professionals so they can better understand the role they may play and what their patients are experiencing when they get in trouble.

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