Keeping Our Kids Safe and Out of Trouble

keeping kids safe and out of trouble

Author: Scott J. Limmer
Category: Parenting and Relationships
Publisher: Amazon
Number of Pages: 174
Format: Trade paperback and eBook
Publication Date: September 15, 2021
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Once kids reach a certain age, they start using social media, have access to drugs and alcohol, get their driver’s licenses and then go off to college with even more risks.

It’s not easy for parents to talk about these topics with their children but it is imperative that they do. And they have to say more than “Stay out of trouble” and “Do the right thing.”

Criminal defense attorney and father, Scott Limmer gives parents the tools to explain to their children what the legal and school disciplinary systems are really like, the consequences of getting caught doing something wrong, and steps they both need to take if they ever find themselves in that situation so they can get the best possible result.

Keeping Kids Safe and Out of Trouble

A must for every parent of a teen or young adult, Scott describes what can happen before it happens so everyone can make smart decisions in the moment. Learn the facts about a wide range of situations, including fake IDs, plagiarizing, being arrested, DWI, hazing, underage drinking, social media behavior, and other issues teens may encounter.

Get answers to important questions like:

• What should your child do when questioned by law enforcement?
• How seriously do schools treat social media offenses?
• How sophisticated are schools in detecting plagiarism?
• What rights does your child have if searched in school?
• When can your child be held responsible for the actions of their
• What are the lasting effects of a high school, college, or criminal violation?
• What can happen if your child is caught with a Fake ID?
• Are parents responsible when there is underage drinking in their home?

It may be uncomfortable to discuss some of these topics with your children but kids need to know the risks and consequences of their actions. Don’t count on them doing the right thing all the time because kids make mistakes. Give them concrete information and advice so they can make better decisions and minimize serious trouble.

About the author

Scott Limmer has been a criminal and college discipline defense attorney for over 23 years, after beginning his career prosecuting criminal cases as an Assistant District Attorney. Scott has represented hundreds of teens and young adults in criminal and juvenile court proceedings and high school, college, and graduate school disciplinary hearings. He has extensive knowledge of how the police, courts and schools treat young people and has helped students and families nationwide address a wide variety of accusations.

An authority on Title IX and college disciplinary violations, Scott speaks regularly to professional, community, and parent organizations. He is also the author of The Criminal & College Discipline Blog and online reference: A Parent’s Guide to College Discipline and Title IX Cases. Scott is also an adjunct professor at Hofstra University School of Law and the co-host of the podcast “Reboot Your Law Practice.”