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Title IX Sex Offense

If a student is charged with a Title IX violation by their school, they are most likely facing suspension or expulsion and possibly a mark on their transcript. This allegation and process must be met with an experienced advocate by your side. When retained, I move quickly to stop the student from speaking to the school, assess the case and plan a strategy.

Plagiarism and
Academic Misconduct

With advances in technology come newer ways to be accused of cheating. From not giving credit to sources to purchasing papers online. From sharing answers while taking a remote test to being accused of wrongdoing by an online proctoring service. Being found responsible for one of these allegations can range from getting a zero on an assignment to being suspended from school.

Other Violations

I have represented students for violations such as alcohol and drugs, violating covid protocols, hazing, harassment, misusing electronic communications and technology, falsely reporting information and general misconduct. Most schools are not as forgiving as they once were and take violations of their codes of conduct very seriously

Dozens of Institutions and Each with their own rules.

Safeguard Your Future

There are over 5,000 colleges and Universities in the US , each with their own rules, hearing processes and penalties that may not make sense, or even worse – are unfair. Everything is on the line – studies, school, scholarship, career opportunities and more. It’s time for swift, decisive action from a proven lawyer fighting for you.

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Past Client Testimonials

Past Client Testimonials

Mr. Limmer was very professional, knowledgeable and reassuring during a very unsettling time for my son (and family). Scott has experience in dealing with college based disciplinary claims and was very available to both my son and myself to offer practical, wise advice. He was easy and very 'real' to talk to, helping my son get the best outcome from a difficult situation. We appreciated his help and would recommend him without hesitation.

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A Parent’s Guide to College Discipline and Title IX Cases

A Parent’s Guide to College Discipline and Title IX Cases

You’ll come away from this read with confidence that you understand how disciplinary committees work. You’ll learn how school and government policies have evolved over the past decade to impact how these cases are handled.