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By Scott Limmer

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Can Police Make You Unlock Your iPhone with Your Face?

Facial recognition technology is touted as the newest security feature on some of the latest model smart phones, like Apple’s iPhone X. Just like its earlier Touch ID system, which authenticated the user through a sensor which read your fingerprint and compared it to the one you had registered in the phone’s security system, Apple’s […]


Crystal Meth or Donut Glaze?

Last April, I wrote about here the tale of Daniel Rushing, the Florida retiree who was pulled over by Orlando police as he drove out of a 7-11. Though the cops first said they stopped him for not coming to a complete stop before entering traffic and travelling 12 miles over the speed limit, it turned […]


Do Not Talk to the Police

If there is one piece of information I wish my clients had when they are the subject of a criminal investigation, it is not to speak to the police. If you might be a suspect, you may find the officers attempting to engage you into questioning. Although it might be obvious that an officer suspects […]


Out-of-State License Plates Don’t Justify Pot Search, Appeals Court Rules

A federal appeals court, in Vasquez v. Lewis, has ruled that members of Kansas Highway Patrol cannot stop motorists and search their vehicles for marijuana merely because the vehicle has plates from a state with legalized marijuana use. Very late one night in mid-December 2011, Peter Vasquez was driving into eastern Kansas on I-70 in […]

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