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“Dine-and-Dash” Diner Evades Felony Charges

Paul Guadalupe Gonzales, who is now known as the serial “dine-and-dash dater”, is a 45-year-old resident of Pasadena who dated frequently but for very short intervals, according to Southern California prosecutors. Between May 2016 and April 2018, they say, Gonzales scheduled first dates at restaurants throughout the region with 10 women he had met on […]


Crystal Meth or Donut Glaze?

Last April, I wrote about here the tale of Daniel Rushing, the Florida retiree who was pulled over by Orlando police as he drove out of a 7-11. Though the cops first said they stopped him for not coming to a complete stop before entering traffic and travelling 12 miles over the speed limit, it turned […]


Cop Fired for Arresting Nurse Who Blocked Unconsented, Warrantless Blood Draw from Patient

Videos, taken on July 26 in the emergency room of the University of Utah hospital’s burn unit, show Jeff Payne, a veteran Salt Lake City policeman, growing increasingly frustrated as he argues with Alex Wubbels, the unit’s head nurse, a blonde female in blue scrubs, over the cop’s intent to draw a blood sample from […]


Mandatory Arrest in Domestic Violence Cases

NYS Domestic Violence = Mandatory Arrest New York dramatically changed its criminal law procedures when it implemented a “mandatory arrest” law for cases involving domestic violence. If the police are called for a potential domestic violence incident and they have probable cause to believe you committed an act of domestic violence, they are required to […]


What is Your Right to Film the Police?

Whether you are being questioned by police or are witnessing a police encounter with another person, you may consider recording the interaction. The news has shown how a police recording can provide evidence of whether a police officer has acted lawfully in making an arrest. However, depending on how and where you are filming the […]

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