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Man Hit with DUI Charge, Even When Tests Show Only Caffeine

Driving home from work on an interstate north of San Francisco in August 2015, glassworker Joseph Schwab, 36, was waved over to the side of the road by an agent of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, who accused Schwab of cutting off her unmarked vehicle, weaving in and out of traffic, and driving […]


Lawbreakers Misuse Even the Newest Tech to Their Disadvantage

No matter how fast technology advances, the resourcefulness of certain people in using it to their disadvantage somehow manages to keep pace. By now, you’ve no doubt heard or read of these lawbreakers who greatly helped law enforcement by posting Facebook selfies showing themselves engaged in clearly criminal wrongdoing. One prime example was the Tennessee […]

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“Leandra’s Law” Sets Harsh Penalties for Impaired Drivers with Young Passengers

Since the 2009 enactment of Child Passenger Protection Act, more commonly known as “Leandra’s Law,” New York has made it an automatic felony to be impaired by alcohol or drugs while driving a child below the age of 16. Hailed by proponents as the nation’s toughest penalty for impaired drivers with child passengers, Leandra’s Law […]

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