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Do You Know All the Ways Your Kids Can Get Into Trouble in School or with the Police?

Once kids reach a certain age, they start using social media, have access to drugs and alcohol, get their driver’s licenses and then go off to college with even more risks.

It’s not easy for parents to talk about these topics with their children but it is imperative that they do. And they have to say more than “Stay out of trouble” and “Do the right thing.”

Criminal defense attorney and father, Scott Limmer gives parents the tools to explain to their children what the legal and school disciplinary systems are really like, the consequences of getting caught doing something wrong, and steps they both need to take if they ever find themselves in that situation so they can get the best possible result.

A must for every parent of a teen or young adult, Scott describes what can happen before it happens so everyone can make smart decisions in the moment. Learn the facts about a wide range of situations, including fake IDs, plagiarizing, being arrested, DWI, hazing, underage drinking, social media behavior, and other issues teens may encounter.