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By Scott Limmer

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California Prosecutors, Public Defenders Team to Toss Old Pot Convictions

UPDATE: Approved September 30, 208, California’s AB-1793 will resentence cannabis convictions and requiring the Department of Justice to review and provide prosecuting agencies with a list of cases that are eligible for recall or dismissal of sentence, dismissal and sealing, or redesignation. The prosecution has a year, until July 1, 2020, to review said cases […]


New York City and State Restrictions on Use of Criminal Records in Hiring

On June 29, at a signing ceremony in City Hall, New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio hailed a new City Council law, the “Fair Chance Act,” as a way to require city-based employers with four or more workers to take into account job applicants’ qualifications, rather than to screen them out early in the hiring […]


Options for Dealing with a Criminal Record: Expungement and Sealing in New York

Having an arrest or criminal conviction record can hurt your future in many ways: blocking your ability to find employment, or hold certain professional licenses, to mention just a few. New York law provides a few ways to wipe out criminal records or shield them from public view. About 40 states have procedures for expunging […]

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