Category: Free Speech

By Scott Limmer

An attorneys blog about criminal law and procedure, college discipline, Title IX and cases of Interest

Supreme Court Will Consider if Schools Can Punish Students for Off-Campus Speech

As social media has become intertwined with the way we all live our lives, the ability to communicate easily plus communication being memorialized has led to an increase in students being charged with violations of their school’s code of conduct. While some of this behavior does take place on school grounds or school sponsored events, […]


Crack Down on Free Speech, Federal Bureaucrats Tell University

Remember when government agencies proclaimed their devotion to American values like independence and the right to speak your mind freely? Ah, those were the days… but no sense living in the past. Nowadays, you’re far more likely to find federal agencies trying to force U.S. educators into combatting outbreaks of outmoded ideas like the First […]

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