What Makes Reviews So Critical

Why You NEED to Read Attorney Reviews Carefully

In your search for a criminal defense attorney, hopefully you’ve been reading their former client reviews.
I previously mentioned that reviews were critical because they give you a very good sense about who an attorney is, and how he treats his clients—two things you definitely want to know before signing on.
But there’s another reason why reviews are particularly important when you’re looking for a good criminal defense attorney…
It probably means he went above and beyond for his clients.
Many people shy away from leaving a review for a criminal lawyer because they don’t want to be associated with the criminal justice system. So when you find a criminal defense attorney who has a lot of great reviews, it means his clients were so pleased with his service that they gave up a certain level of anonymity to let other people know how good the attorney was.
One of the best places to look for reputable client reviews is on AVVO. AVVO is the premier lawyer directory that provides valuable information on attorneys. I also recommend reading social media reviews, particularly on Facebook and Google.

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