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By Scott Limmer

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Do Not Talk to the Police

If there is one piece of information I wish my clients had when they are the subject of a criminal investigation, it is not to speak to the police. If you might be a suspect, you may find the officers attempting to engage you into questioning. Although it might be obvious that an officer suspects […]


What You Should Know about Your Miranda Rights

You’ve seen it scores of times, in crime stories on TV and in movies. After collaring a suspect, the detective reels off a now familiar warning, telling the arrestee of his right to remain silent, reminding him anything he says can be used against him in court, mentioning the rights to have a lawyer present […]


Your Right to Remain Silent: How, When and Why You Should Always Use It

“I am invoking my fifth amendment right to remain silent.” We have all seen suspects on police and legal procedurals assert these rights. And we all assume the same thing. The bad guy doesn’t want to incriminate himself. From this, many people have jumped to the common but erroneous conclusion that anyone who asserts the […]

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